What Causes CPAP Mask Leaks? How You Can Fix It


There is no denying that parts of CPAP therapy are inconvenient and take time to get used to, such as sleeping with a CPAP mask that delivers pressurized air. However, a CPAP machine is a necessity for restful and uninterrupted sleep for anyone with sleep apnea, and the mask is the key to breathing clean, filtered and humidified air.

Anyone who sleeps with a CPAP machine knows that masks are fickle and can be prone to leaks, but leakage is certainly preventable with any of these simple tweaks. Here are some common reasons your CPAP mask leaks and what you can do to fix it.

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Problem: Your Mask Doesn’t Fit

CPAP masks come in different sizes to accommodate the several face shapes and sizes of sleep apnea patients. Many masks also have straps that hold them in place or can be hooked up to headgear. 


Solution: Try tightening your mask first, and if that doesn’t work, opt for a different size altogether.

Problem: Your Mask Needs Replacement

There are many contributors to the breakdown of a CPAP mask, all of which are expected  and completely natural. That’s why experts recommend replacing your mask on a regular schedule, which is made even easier by signing up for a CPAP subscription service. Skin oils and most moisturizers contribute to the breakdown of CPAP masks, so if you have an old mask, it may be time to switch it out.

Solution: Replace your existing mask with a new one and sign up for a CPAP subscription service that will deliver new masks right to your door.  

Problem: You’re Wearing the Wrong Type of Mask

The way you breathe affects the mask type that will best serve you for CPAP therapy. For example, mouth breathers do best with full face masks, which cover the nose and mouth and ensure that the pressurized air is pumped directly into their airways. Other patients may find better success with nasal masks or nasal pillows, which blow air into the nasal passage. 

Solution: Opt for a sleep study before choosing your initial mask (or your next style) to determine which type is best for you.

Problem: The Pressure Settings are Off

Your doctor will prescribe a certain pressure setting for your CPAP therapy, but your mask may not handle certain pressure settings well. Full face masks tend to leak when the user has high air pressure flowing through it, and the leaking air can cause eye dryness along with the other side effects of mask leakage. 

Solution: Consult with your doctor about your current pressure setting and ask if another setting or mask type would better suit your needs.

Problem: Your Sleep Style Doesn’t Match Your Mask

Another aspect of sleep to consider when choosing a CPAP mask is sleep position. Restless sleepers tend to see more success with nasal masks, whereas full face masks get knocked loose while shifting positions. Sometimes, patients can train themselves to sleep in a different way, but it might be easier to choose another mask instead.

Solution: Consider your preferred sleeping position and choose a mask that won’t move and leak while you’re asleep.

The Importance of a Well-Fitting Mask

Your CPAP mask delivers much-needed air into your airways while you’re asleep, leading to more restful nights and overall better health. Masks that leak compromise the CPAP therapy, and patients find their old symptoms returning because they aren’t breathing the filtered and humidified air they need. Your CPAP machine’s effectiveness depends on your mask staying sealed, so don’t wait—if your mask is leaking, try one of these solutions to get your CPAP therapy back on track.

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