7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Sleep Apnea


If you’ve been experiencing interrupted sleep, extreme daytime fatigue or severe mood swings, there is a chance that you may have sleep apnea. You might even be reading this seeking the answers yourself instead of visiting a doctor. However, only trained medical professionals can diagnose sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder that affects around 22 million Americans, and help you choose a treatment path.

When you do go see a doctor, it’s helpful to come prepared with questions. These are seven prompts that can help you get the answers you need.

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What causes sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is caused by blockage of the airway, cutting off oxygen to the brain and the blood for varying lengths of time. Typically, there is excess tissue in the back of the airway, such as large tonsils, or a tongue that falls back to block the airway.

So, what happens now?

Depending on the severity of your sleep apnea, you may have a choice of in-home or specialist treatment. Sleep apnea is not the end of life as you know it, and you may not even have it to begin with.

Do I need a sleep study?

If your doctor suspects you might have sleep apnea, he or she will refer you to a sleep study called a polysomnogram where a sleep technician monitors your brain activity, oxygen levels, heart rate and breathing patterns while you’re asleep. 

What do my sleep study results mean?

The results of your study will inform you if you really do have sleep apnea. Your doctor will present the data gathered by the sleep technician and inform you of the dangers of sleep apnea when left untreated. 

What happens if I don’t seek treatment?

In short, your symptoms will continue and then get worse. At night, you could experience restless sleep, loud snoring and interrupted breathing that leaves you choking or gasping for air. This leads to daytime sleepiness, physical fatigue, mood swings, headaches and problems with concentration and memory.

In addition, untreated sleep apnea puts you at risk for heart attack, irregular heartbeats, stroke and/or diabetes. This is because of the complications associated with low blood oxygen levels from interrupted airflow.

What should I expect from CPAP therapy?

CPAP therapy patients have to learn to sleep with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, including a mask. The mask is used to pump clean, filtered air directly into your airways and supplement your regular breathing in those moments when it is interrupted.

The adjustments are minimal: sleeping with whatever type of mask is most helpful and comfortable for you, plus daily/weekly cleaning of your supplies and replacing the parts of your machine when recommended.

How can I make CPAP therapy easier?

Like anything else, you get what you put into CPAP therapy. If you take the time to find the right setup for you, it will be easier to keep using your machine until it becomes routine. There is always a more comfortable mask, a better-fitting chin strap, etc.

For machine maintenance, CPAP supplies subscription service takes the guesswork out of replacement, so your gear shows up on time right to your door. 

Take Control of Your Sleep!

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