Monthly CPAP Club - Quick Checkout

Monthly CPAP Club wants to make CPAP masks and supplies as simple as possible for patients. Our Quick Checkout is designed for those sleep apnea patients and CPAP users that know exactly what mask, tubing, and machine filters they want. The Quick Checkout allows you to choose your preferred mask style, mask brand and model with a few simple drop down menus.

You’ll get a quick quote on the monthly cost to have a brand-new CPAP mask, cushions, your choice of standard or heated tubing, and a three-month supply of filters for your CPAP machine. Place the order and the shipment will go out the next business day. You’re enrolled in the Monthly CPAP Club and never have to think about replacing your CPAP supplies again. Learn more about Monthly CPAP Club Benefits here.

We couldn’t figure out how to make it any simpler than that for CPAP patients around the world. Get started below:

Start the process below by selecting the mask type you prefer. You’ll be prompted to select a mask, then select standard or heated tubing. Click on “Your Result” to set and view your Subscription Details.

How Does Monthly CPAP Club Work? To join the Monthly CPAP Club, new members start by selecting their preferred CPAP mask, tubing and filters for their CPAP machine. You will be provided with the monthly cost of the chosen package (view all package pricing here) and have the option for some one-time add-ons, such as additional cushions or a new water chamber for heated tubing. Once your initial membership order is placed, you will be promptly shipped your new CPAP mask, cushions, tubing and filters. This package will include all the CPAP supplies you will need for the next three months. The cost of this package is covered by the first three monthly payments, and shipping is always free! Your next scheduled shipment is three months from your initial order. You will receive an email reminder 7 days before that monthly payment is scheduled. You can delay that payment and second shipment at any point if you just want the first shipment for now. This can be done by responding to the email reminder, in your online account or by going to the “contact us” page at any time.
How Does Monthly CPAP Billing Work?

We designed Monthly CPAP Club to make CPAP supplies as easy and as affordable as possible for CPAP patients.  We want to make our billing model clear to all end users before they sign up for a Monthly CPAP Club package.

When you place an order for a particular package, you will be billed that day and you will sent a package with the CPAP mask, new tubing (either standard or heated) and six CPAP machine filters for your machine or a single filter if non-disposable.  Each package includes all the supplies you’ll need for the next three months.  The cost of that package will be split up into three monthly bills of the same amount.  After the fourth monthly bill, you will be sent another package with a new CPAP mask, tubing and filters.

We’ve found this is the best model to deliver all the CPAP supplies you need, when you will need them to be replaced, at the lowest monthly cost possible.  It follows the basic model of order at X dollars and then shipment.  Then, two monthly bills with no shipments.  Followed by an order and shipment the next business day.
You can cancel your next scheduled shipment at any point by logging into your account online or emailing  To cancel the second or third scheduled payment after a shipment has been sent, you will need to submit a return request to
If you have any questions about pricing or billing before placing an order, please contact us at or call 1-800-xxx-xxxx.
Can You Cancel Your Subscription? Absolutely, you can cancel your subscription at any time.  This can be done in your account online or by emailing  This will not cancel the two monthly bills that will follow the order and shipment.  This will prevent you from being charged for and shipped any more orders after those two monthly bills.
Can You Return Your Order or Exchange Your Mask? Absolutely, we aim to make the returns process easy and simple if you have any problem with your Monthly CPAP Club order.  You can find the complete details of our returns, exchanges, and refunds policy here.