How to Prevent Your CPAP Mask from Leaking


Adjusting to CPAP therapy is a process unique to each sleep apnea patient, from finding the right type of mask to getting used to having a face full of pressured air while trying to get some rest, it takes time to adjust to sleeping with a CPAP mask on. However, most CPAP machine users report feeling more rejuvenated after just a few nights using their equipment. The immediate benefits are noticeable and inspire patients to continue with the therapy.

There are many instances, on the other hand, where CPAP users experience the return of their old symptoms: sore throats, snoring, headaches and interrupted sleep are just some of the indicators with which you’re likely familiar. For those of whom this is the case, there is a clear explanation. The therapy isn’t working because your mask is leaking.

A leaking mask is a serious problem because it renders your sleep therapy useless, and your apnea won’t be fixed. Instead, the unpressured air can irritate your airways and nasal passages and put your health in danger. Fortunately, there are easy fixes for leaking masks. Consider this your guide for how to prevent your CPAP mask from leaking (and what to do if it does.)

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Two Types of Leaks

There are two types of CPAP mask leaks that are common amongst sleep apnea patients. The first is the seal leak, which has to do with the mask itself. There could be an issue with the fit, your sleep style or even your machine that causes the seal that keeps your mask against your face to break and let in outside air.

The other type of leak is due to the way you breathe. Mouth leaks are simply caused by CPAP users breathing through their mouths instead of through their noses, therefore wholly breathing in unfiltered, unpressured air that’s not coming through the CPAP machine.

Reasons for Leakage

There are many reasons your mask could be leaking, and all of them are common. After all, it takes awhile to get used to a new routine. Take these scenarios into account before determining that CPAP therapy isn’t for you.

Your CPAP Pressure Is Too High

Your CPAP machine’s pressure settings were likely set by your sleep therapist, doctor or whoever conducted your sleep study. However, there’s a chance that your pressure settings were fixed too high, and some machines even have a gradual ramp setting that increases pressure over time. High air pressure can easily break the seal between mask and face, so talk to whoever set your machine about your sleep needs and your mask’s leakage.

You’re An Active Sleeper

Many people toss and turn in their sleep without it affecting how well rested they feel the next day, but CPAP patients need to keep in mind that they could knock their masks loose, causing leakage. If you’re an active sleeper, you likely need a different style of mask that allows more freedom of movement.

Your CPAP Mask Is Dirty or Too Old

Between skin’s natural oils and facial products that are part of many people’s nightly routines, there are many reasons a CPAP mask can start to break down after months of continued use. Manufacturers recommend avoiding using moisturizers and other potions while undergoing sleep therapy, but even careful patients experience normal mask wear and tear. If your CPAP mask is dirty or old, be sure to replace it as soon as possible and maintain a regular replacement schedule so you can sleep with a mask that won’t leak.

Your Sleep Position Affects Your Mask Fit

Similar to active sleepers, those who prefer a certain sleep position should take that into account while choosing a CPAP mask. For example, side sleepers typically do not do well with a full face mask, as it goes askew while the patient is sleeping. There are accessories that help with mask position and comfort, but it is better to consider sleep position sooner rather than later after already dealing with mask leakage.

Your Breathing Patterns Don’t Fit Your Mask

The way you breathe while you sleep should be determined during your sleep study or other trials before bringing home your CPAP machine. However, there are cases where patients change their breathing patterns while adjusting to sleeping with a CPAP machine, and they end up breathing in outside air. This is most common with mouth breathers who choose nasal masks or nasal pillows, but the opposite can certainly happen as well. If your old symptoms are returning, it could be because you’re trying to use a mask that isn’t the right fit for you.

What to Do if Your CPAP Mask Leaks

CPAP mask leakage is nothing to worry about. In fact, 45% of CPAP machine users reported quitting because their masks were leaking, and they didn’t know what to do. Before you give up too, try one of these solutions to restore your high quality sleep.

Try a New Mask Style

Finding the right style of CPAP mask is perhaps the most important part of your sleep therapy. A well fitting mask will ensure that you receive the proper air pressure and will only breathe in filtered air. It’s your protection while you’re asleep. If you’re experiencing mask leakage even after completing a sleep study, try a different mask style that might better suit your needs and leave you feeling more well rested and energetic.

Replace Your Old Mask

Whether your mask is too dirty or too old, there’s a chance it’s not working properly because it has sustained too much wear and tear during use. This is completely normal and why CPAP equipment manufacturers recommend replacing your mask every three to six months and that you change out your accessories, tubes and filters every three months as well. It’s a simple fix (especially if you have a subscription that automatically delivers new masks) to ensure you never experience leaks again as long as you’re on top of your replacement schedule.

Find Mask Accessories to Help

You may be an active sleeper or simply not used to sleeping with your CPAP equipment yet, but the fact is you need your CPAP machine to get good sleep at night. While you can’t change the facts, you can make the situation a lot more comfortable. There is a wide array of products available, namely specific CPAP accessories that help with fit, function and comfort of CPAP equipment to make your sleep therapy that much more bearable.

Take Control of Your Sleep!

Sleep Apnea is frustrating! Getting the CPAP supplies you need isn’t with our amazing monthly plans that come with the name brand full-face CPAP mask of your choice plus free tubing, free filters, free cushions and free shipping! Plans start at just $36/month. Put your CPAP on autopilot today and … Leave the rest of to us!™ 30-day Fitmask™ Guarantee!


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