What CPAP Tubing Should I Use?

There are a lot of CPAP tubing options for the various CPAP masks and machines.  There are also differences between standard and heated tubing. We put together a simple guide to understanding exactly which CPAP tubing you should use.

Standard Tubing 6ft - FREE

Each CPAP machine and mask manufacturer makes their own version of the standard tubing, but they are typically interchangeable.  Each one is typically 6 feet in length and looks roughly the same. We have a few pictures of standard tubing below.

You will notice the connection point on both ends of the standard tubing looks the same.  Standard tubing is designed to fit almost any mask and almost any machine. Simply confirm that your current CPAP tubing looks similar to the tubing and end connection points on the tubing above.  Select that option from the drop down and you’ll receive standard tubing for your selected CPAP mask and machine.

Standard tubing comes FREE with every standard order from Monthly CPAP Club.

Heated Tubing 6ft - $14/Month

The most common reason CPAP patients chose heated tubing is they experience dryness and irritation when they wear their CPAP mask.  The heated tubing makes sure the air is warm as it travels throughout the tubing and can be especially helpful in cold climates, although patients around the country have reported benefits to heated tubing.

Here are a few of the most common options for heated CPAP tubing:

ResMed ClimateLineAir™ Heated CPAP Tubing

Philips Respironics Dreamstation Heated CPAP Tubing

Fisher & Paykel Thermosmart Heated CPAP Hose

If you want to make sure that you have been using heated tubing, take a look at the connection points of your tubing.  Does it look like the connection points and tubing designs above? Heated tubing will have an endpoint with the electrical components that need to be plugged into the CPAP machine.  These tubing endpoints should be the same or similar to those pictured above.

Heated tubing can be added to your order for $14.00 per month ($42 total cost).  After you’ve made that selection from the drop down, you will see one total monthly payment for the mask you’ve selected, heated tubing and free filters for your machine.  Please make sure to add the CPAP machine brand and model you use as well. Heated tubing and filters are specific to the CPAP machine you use.

Slimline Tubing 6ft - $2/Month

Many CPAP patients prefer the lighter and thinner design of slimline CPAP tubing.  We have included some pictures of slimline tubing below. You will notice that slimline CPAP tubing has a different style of connection point to the mask and machine.

You can change your tubing option to slimline tubing with your Monthly CPAP Club order for just $2.00 more per month.  The cost of this will be displayed as one monthly payment that depends on the CPAP mask selected.

Standard Tubing 10ft - $5/Month

For those CPAP patients that move around while they sleep, the additional length in the 10 feet standard tubing allows them more flexibility and range while they wear their CPAP mask.  We’ve included a picture of the 6 feet tubing next to the 10 feet standard CPAP tubing to show the difference and similarities.

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