Studies about Diet and Sleep Apnea


Sleep apnea is a condition that affects an estimated 18 million Americans, interrupting their crucial resting period and putting them at risk for other health conditions. Though the exact mechanisms of sleep largely remain a mystery, experts agree that it’s a necessity to regulate mood, improve brain function and maintain health factors like weight and energy levels. This is why doctors recommend CPAP therapy for sleep apnea patients and suggest lifestyle adjustments to reduce the severity of their apnea.

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Clean CPAP Supplies Matter

Most CPAP patients use their masks and other supplies for longer than they should.  If you have a dirty filter, cushion, tubing, or mask, you are putting yourself at an increased risk for disease and lowering the effectiveness of the treatment.  Every medical professional and doctor involved with CPAP recommends cleaning your supplies on a regular basis, if not daily, and getting fresh supplies on a regular schedule.

The Link Between Diet and Sleep

There is a well established link between weight and sleep apnea, with a 40% prevalence rate of sleep apnea in overweight men and 40%-90% in obese men. The risk of developing this condition diminishes over the course of losing weight, so doctors recommend a balanced diet. For some, the adjustment in diet can reduce the severity of (or even eliminate) their sleep apnea. It’s just one of the many benefits of eating clean.

For others, weight—specifically, fatty tissue blocking the upper airway—is not the main issue. Instead, having their sleep interrupted because the tissue is inflamed is the main culprit. These patients can benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet, which is a similar lifestyle adjustment. Just like CPAP therapy, each case is unique to the patient.    

Macronutrients and Sleep

While there are no conclusive studies that determine a one-size-fits-all diet for sleep apnea patients, many researchers have established links between macronutrients and sleep.


Recent research has linked increased protein intake with greater ease falling asleep, more restorative sleep and maintaining sleep. In a separate study, researchers found that a diet comprising 20% protein, regardless of the source, is the optimum diet for sleep and produced the highest Global Sleep Score.


Carbohydrate consumption was also linked with better sleep, but it only applies to complex carbs. Fiber specifically influenced sleep maintenance, time spent in restorative sleep and daytime fatigue; increased fiber dramatically improved sleep across the board. In another study, sugar and high-glycemic load were found to drive fatigue.


The role of fat is controversial because studies typically don’t separate fats by categories. The one conclusive finding is that a low-fat diet can lead to poor sleep quality. Subjects who did not consume enough fat experienced nonrestorative sleep and abnormal daytime sleepiness.

Micronutrients and Sleep

B Vitamins

Vitamin B1 has been found to improve sleep, especially sleep patterns and activity. More broadly, the other B vitamins influence circadian rhythms, so they have an effect on the body both during sleep and during waking hours. This includes mood, concentration and more. Perhaps the most telling: insomnia patients consume fewer B vitamins than regular sleepers.

Amino Acids

Researchers first found the link between amino acids and fatigue when studying components of asparagus juice. As they discovered, reduced levels of glutamine, serine and carnitine result in both mental and physical fatigue.


One study showed improved sleep quality after taking a nightly magnesium and zinc, but the study also included a nightly melatonin. However, evidence shows that low blood zinc levels coincide with poor sleep efficiency.

Researchers have also linked a number of micronutrients to sleep quality.

Mediterranean Diet

The European Lung Foundation conducted a study about the effects of a Mediterranean diet on sleep apnea patients and had some success. The diet—which is high in fruits, veggies, whole grains and fish—led some patients to a 25% reduction in REM sleep disturbances. However, the researchers concluded that their sample size was small, and more studies should be done in the future.

Take Control of Your Sleep!

Sleep Apnea is frustrating! Getting the CPAP supplies you need isn’t with our amazing monthly plans that come with the name brand full-face CPAP mask of your choice plus free tubing, free filters, free cushions and free shipping! Plans start at just $36/month. Put your CPAP on autopilot today and … Leave the rest of to us!™ 30-day Fitmask™ Guarantee!


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