ResMed Mirage™ FX for Her

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Monthly CPAP Club is a new approach to get all your CPAP supplies for a low monthly cost. Our masks are offered at the lowest price possible, and the cost is broken into 3 easy monthly payments. We automatically ship you new supplies every 90 days, when it’s time to replace your CPAP mask, tubing and filters.

Every standard order of the ResMed Mirage™ FX for Her includes standard tubing and filters ($20 value) with options to upgrade and customize your order for a nominal added fee. Shipping is always free and returns or exchanges are hassle-free.

You can always delay a shipment or cancel before your next shipment at any time. Sign-up and you’ll get amazing prices without the worry of when to replace your CPAP mask and supplies.

  • FREE Shipping
  • Standard Tubing and Filters ($20 Value)
  • Mask Fit Guarantee

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