How to Tell if Your CPAP Machine Pressure Is too High


Once you’ve completed a sleep study and have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, your doctor will recommend settings for your CPAP machine. The pressure settings are supposed to make your CPAP therapy as effective as possible without being too disruptive to your sleep. For patients with mild sleep apnea, these will be set low so there is simply a gentle stream of air being delivered. For moderate to severe sleep apnea, these settings will be higher.

If you believe your CPAP machine pressure settings are too high, you can visit your sleep doctor to determine if lower settings are right for your therapy. This is how to tell the pressure is too high.

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What Is CPAP Machine Pressure?

CPAP machine pressure settings determine how much air is delivered to your airway within a given amount of time. A low pressure setting only delivers a small amount of air whereas a high-pressure setting is accompanied by a whoosh sound from the air moving quickly.

On your CPAP machine, these pressure settings are measured in centimeters of water pressure. The average pressure setting for treating sleep apnea is 10 cm/H2O, which is the same pressure as drinking through a 10 cm straw. However, your recommended setting is likely to be anywhere from 6-15 cm/H2O. Patients who require higher pressure settings oftentimes need a CPAP machine with a high maximum and a high-pressure CPAP mask. 

Factors that Affect CPAP Machine Pressure Settings

After the results of your polysomnography test are processed, your sleep apnea will be rated on a scale of normal to severe based on the number of interruptions caused by airway blockage.

  • Normal: Fewer than 5 episodes
  • Mild: 5-15 episodes
  • Moderate: 15-30 episodes
  • Severe: 30+ episodes

The severity of your sleep apnea is a major factor in your recommended CPAP machine pressure settings, but there are other things to consider as well. Your upper airway anatomy plays a role, as does the nature of your airway blockage—a collapsed soft palate has different requirements than a deviated septum, for example. Muscle relaxation from alcohol or REM sleep may also affect the pressure settings you need.

How Can I Tell if my CPAP Pressure Is too High?

Though multiple factors are taken into consideration when setting up your CPAP machine, there is a chance your pressure settings are too high. You need enough pressure to hold your airway open but not too much that you experience discomfort.

Air leaks, dry mouth, swallowing air, disrupted sleep and daytime fatigue are all signs that you might have your CPAP machine on too high of a pressure setting. Sleep experts also recommend watching out for pressure-induced central sleep apnea, which is the opposite of obstructive sleep apnea. With this disorder, breathing signals fail to be sent from the brain.

Sleep apnea patients are advised to wait for a doctor’s guidance before adjusting their pressure settings. Talk to your doctor about completing a CPAP titration study to arrive at the best settings for successful therapy. 

Take Control of Your Sleep!

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