CPAP treatment is only effective if you keep your machine clean and utilize new supplies on a regular basis. All CPAP users can relate to forgetting to change their filter or not replacing their tubing or mask because it’s too much to visit the doctor. That’s why it’s important to setup scheduled deliveries and reminders for all routine CPAP equipment and supply replacement. This guarantees that your CPAP system is working to the fullest capacity to treat your sleep apnea.

Monthly CPAP Club makes this process easier than ever before. We offer the most popular CPAP supplies from major manufacturers at a low monthly fee. We schedule quarterly shipments with a new facemask, cushions, tubing, and filters. Everything you need to treat your sleep apnea effectively on an automated schedule.

Monthly CPAP Club allows you to set reminders for all the important required maintenance of your CPAP machine and supplies. We can remind you when it’s time to change your filters, cushions, mask, tubing, and machine.

What is good sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is creating habits and a lifestyle that prepares you to have a good night sleep every night. This includes your diet, exercise routine (or lack thereof), mental health and attitude.

The Sleep Division at Harvard Medical School published a study on the best habits for good sleep hygiene. A few of the key things they suggest are early exercise, plenty of water balanced throughout your day, avoid naps when possible, and avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol before bed.

They also focus on how important it is to create a sleep-inducing environment in your bedroom. This typically involves cutting down on the distractions, like a TV, iPad or phone. Try to read a book in bed or simply wait to go into your room until you’re ready to fall asleep.

Setup Automatic CPAP Supply Delivery

If you suffer from sleep apnea, CPAP machines can help you treat the disorder and get a good night sleep. However, you need to have clean supplies for the entire CPAP machine, mask, cushions, tubing and filters. Over-using anyone of these components can make the CPAP treatment ineffective. Trying to remember the appropriate time to replace each part of your CPAP machine adds to the difficulty of dealing with sleep apnea. Monthly CPAP Club makes it as easy as possible to maintain the best CPAP sleep hygiene.

Get started today by selecting the best CPAP supply package for you. In a few simple steps, you’ll be setup with a package that delivers a new CPAP mask, cushions, tubing and filter exactly when you need. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to change the filter or clean the tubing and mask. One low monthly cost and everything you need on an automatic schedule. Monthly CPAP Club makes CPAP supplies easy and affordable.

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Answers to customer's frequently asked questions

Monthly CPAP Club is a new approach to delivering a regular and scheduled shipment of all your CPAP supplies for one low monthly cost. We work with the major manufacturers to provide a selection of the most popular CPAP masks, cushions, tubing, filters and other accessories.

You get one shipment with all the CPAP supplies you’ll need for the next three months and you just pay one low, monthly payment. Monthly CPAP Club lets you know when it’s time to change your filters, clean your mask and tubing. Three months after your first order, we’ll let you know that it’s time to replace your CPAP supplies and ship out a package with a replacement mask, tubing, and filters for your CPAP machine.

Every package allows you to choose your preferred style of CPAP mask and the brand, make and model you prefer. You have the choice of standard tubing or heated tubing. You have the option for extended tubing options with heated tubing. Every package also includes cushions for the mask and filters for your machine

We need to know which CPAP breathing machine you use so we can send you the correct filters.  Filters are specific to machines.  If you don’t see your CPAP breathing machine model listed, please contact us at [email protected].  Please include the make and model of CPAP breathing machine you use.  We do support many machines.  The most popular machines are listed right now and more will be added as we grow.  In the mean time, let us know which machines you use so we get you the correct filters.

Monthly CPAP Club currently offers Resmed, Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel CPAP products. We can accommodate certain other brands when requested by email. Please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] or submit a request online.

Our goal at Monthly CPAP Club is to offer all the necessary CPAP supplies for good sleep hygiene in simple, scheduled quarterly shipments. We want the program to be even easier for the end user to afford with a monthly payment. When you sign up for a package with Monthly CPAP Club, you will be charged the monthly package amount ranging from $33 and up depending on your preferences.

We will ship out a package within 1 business day of your order with all the CPAP supplies you’ll need to properly treat your sleep apnea with clean and effective supplies. The next scheduled shipment for your account

The best part about Monthly CPAP Club for those living with sleep apnea is that CPAP supplies are one less thing you’ll have to regularly order, schedule or pick up. We ship you the supplies you’ll need for the next three months and ship you another package in three months will all new and fresh CPAP supplies.

We will soon be offering single pricing. Check back in the future.

We do sell most of the popular and newest CPAP machines. Although we do not list many of the machines on our Monthly CPAP Club site, we can process orders for machines via email for existing subscribers and over the phone for new users.

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