Foods to Help You Sleep


Getting a great night’s sleep is one of the best ways to maintain your health. There are plenty of foods that can give you energy throughout the day, along with diet structures that help metabolism and prevent health problems like obesity and diabetes. However, there are also foods that can help you sleep better, which is just as important to your overall health. It’s also good to know about which food combinations will promote better health and better sleep. Read on to learn more about key ingredients that will help you achieve your best rest.

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Foods Rich in Calcium

Studies have shown that foods that contain a lot of calcium can be instrumental in helping improve your sleep. Calcium helps the body produce melatonin, a chemical that induces sleep and one that your body produces on its own. Adding a more calcium-rich diet to your routine can increase your melatonin production and help you sleep better than ever.

Calcium can be found in all dairy products, but can also be found in leafy green vegetables, soft fish and products that have been enriched with calcium. Certain juices and supplements can also add calcium to your diet. Combined with the right foods from the rest of this list, more calcium in your diet means more production of your body’s natural chemicals that assist with and induce sleep. 

Tryptophan for Longer, Better Sleep

This amino acid is not naturally produced by the body, but helps with sleepiness and length of time spent asleep. Since we’re unable to produce it naturally, it can be incorporated into our diets through certain foods. There are many different kinds of foods that contain tryptophan, many of which are certain meats and proteins. Tryptophan can be found in things like turkey, products containing larger amounts of soy, pork, egg whites, chicken and even pumpkin seeds. 

It’s been shown that a diet that contains the right amount of tryptophan, along with other foods rich in calcium, will support more melatonin production and boost your body’s natural ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Higher Magnesium Intake

A magnesium deficiency in our diets can be one cause of broken sleep. Having a diet more rich in magnesium can even lessen symptoms of insomnia as we get older. Magnesium-rich foods like nuts, black beans, whole wheat products, soymilk, bananas and more can all be worked into your diet to help improve your sleep quality.


The trick to using carbohydrates to help with sleep is time. Foods and meals that raise your blood sugar level can help you fall asleep faster- but only if ingested several hours before heading to bed. Evening snacks that contain a mix of carbohydrates, along with the other foods mentioned above, can significantly improve how fast you fall asleep and help you stay asleep longer and without interruptions. 

Some studies have shown that rice can improve sleep as well. Added to the right foods, rice has assisted with higher quality sleep if eaten at least four hours before bedtime.

Finding the Right Combination to Help You Sleep

While all of these foods have been shown to assist with better sleep, combining them in the right way can also be of service. Eating foods rich in calcium combined with those containing tryptophan may increase melatonin production in the body, helping along a natural process that will let you sleep longer and better. Carbohydrates can also be combined with these other foods to support better sleep. Lending the body a hand in producing its natural chemicals will certainly level up your quality time spent sleeping and promote a healthier lifestyle overall. 

Take Control of Your Sleep!

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